23 Jun

HFL Employee Celebrates 25 Years with the Company

Once again, another Haden Freeman employee reaches a milestone! Long standing employee Linda Blake-Lobb is celebrating a remarkable 25 years with the company this month.

Linda started her career at DSS where she worked as an administrator during a time where everything was being computerised.

In June 1991 she joined Freeman Process Systems (soon to become Haden Freeman) as an Administrative Assistant to the Company Accountant. Linda eventually took on the role of Accounts Clerk.

Over the years, Linda has looked after the Haden Freeman Group accounts; making payments inside and outside the organisation, managing the company’s suppliers, processing salaries, expenses and contractors wages.

Linda is a well loved and highly respected member of staff and has become a good friend to many people at the company.

Finance Director, Paul Gandy has been Linda’s boss for a number of years now and reflecting on Linda’s time at the company, he had this to say,

“Workers in service departments are often taken for granted and only noticed when things go wrong. Fortunately, Linda goes about her routines quietly and competently and, considering she makes monthly payments to over 150 people for salaries and expenses and payments to suppliers amounting to over £1 million each month, she is rarely noticed. Above all, Linda always has the three companies’ best interests at heart.”

During Linda’s 25 years at the company, she has seen many changes and has witnessed first hand how HFL has grown in to what it is today.