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GEO Specialty chemicals is known as a world leader in providing high-quality, cost effective specialty chemicals.


Haden Freeman has a long term alliance with GEO to provide site-wide engineering services on an EPCM basis. These included, from a steam perspective:

  • 1 Barg Let Down Station. HFL specified and installed a new 5.2 to 1.0 barg let down set to increase the capacity of the 1 barg steam supply system
  • Steam metering. HFL installed 5 new steam metering stations to meter the supply to 5 areas of plant, the meters covered the high pressure (15.5 barg), medium pressure (5.2 barg) and low pressure (1.0 barg) systems
  • MMU3 Desuperheater. HFL specified and installed a new desuperheater to give a low pressure saturated steam supply to one reactor off the medium pressure main

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