Bio Products Laboratory – DSEAR Documentation B27


Bio Products Laboratory Ltd (BPL) is an organisation which turns blood plasma in to a range of life saving products. It is committed to research and development to maintain a key position in a constantly changing market in the 21st century.


BPL required an independent survey, gap analysis and a report to determine the extent of its compliance with DSEAR regulations.
The report was also to consider methods of safely storing DSEAR information and documentation within the Elstree Site.


HFL compiled a definitive list of outstanding work required to enable the Elstree site to be fully compliant with DSEAR requirements.
HFL reviewed the B27 existing drawings and documents to identify and compile a detailed schedule of work along with full costs to complete.
All relevant DSEAR documentation including an instrument index, IS cable calculations, instrument loop diagrams and control panel & junction box drawings were produced and stored on the HFL data portal on behalf of BPL.


B27 is the main process area within the BPL site.
The completion of this work has ensured the company is now fully compliant with the DSEAR regulations for this section of the site.


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