08 Mar
Job Win

JOB WIN: Utility Capability Assessment

The client has awarded Haden Freeman the contract to undertake a utility capability assessment.

The scope of work is to confirm the existing utility systems can provide sufficient supplies to a new facility without impacting current users.

Generation capacities of ten utilities will be scheduled against the user requirements of the respective systems. These are:

1)      Clean Steam

2)      Plant Steam

3)      Clean Condensate

4)      Water for Injection (WFI)

5)      Purified Water (PW)

6)      Sterile Air

7)      Refrigerated Water / Ethanol

8)      Refrigerated Water / Glycol (WK)

9)      Ethanol Storage and Distribution

10)   Cooling Water (WC)

Haden Freeman has many years of experience in utility design across a wide range of industries.